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Customer Comments

"…As soon as I got a whiff of it, I knew we had something special. Had it with a splash of Old Sow milk and a piece of Helen’s carrot cake, and it was divine. Fruity, fresh, brisk acid, bright, bright, bright, rich, great body and mouthfeel, with carob and walnut notes, maybe a hint of cinnamon, and a savor that lingers on the palate longer than one has any reason to expect. Went especially well with some classic Dead Kennedys. Thank you for insisting that I not settle for an inferior bag of coffee."


"The coffee is undoubtedly the best I’ve ever had."


"What did I ever do without Bold Coast Coffee?!?!?!"


"The decaf is great!"


"My shipment arrive likity split with a hand written thank you for the order. You have an awesome crew in addition to delicious coffee. Looooove Bold Coast!"


"Your Costa Rica Medium Roast is the bomb!!!!"


"The best coffee ever!"


"The coffee is AMAZING"


"just got back from the craft fair with my bold coast beans,just brewed a cup FANTASTIC"


"Best coffee ever. Tested on Elders hill!"


"I roasted the coffee late yesterday to Fill City, and let it sit overnight. I ground up some this morning and have enjoyed a pour over, and a couple aero-presses.
It's a Wonderful cup! Bright and lively acidity with citrus notes. The Aero-presses yielded more milk chocolate and nutty notes than the pour over. I think a little longer roast might bring the chocolate out with the pour over. The cup was one of the most balanced that I have had this year. It leaves a pleasant, lingering after-taste that beckons another cup! Congratulations on an excellent coffee!"